Doubled up

Today I ran to the running track at the National Stadium, to do another power test (another half hour of suffering, basically). After I broke my iPhone, I got a replacement Samsung S7 Edge, which is significantly bigger, and doesn’t fit the armband case I previously had. (Then again, that case was partially responsible for my iPhone falling and smashing on the ground, so, er … something or other.) I bought a new armband at the weekend that was big enough for the Samsung, but there is no space in it to fit my access cards or my train pass, so I put it on my left arm, and put the old case on my right arm, and then ran to the Stadium looking like a complete plonker, which is clearly the best way to spend a Tuesday evening.

When I got home after all of this, having left disgusting sweat marks on various seats on trains across Singapore, I wasted little time in getting the Xbox plugged into our enormous new TV. Well, when I say I wasted little time, I cajoled Destroyer into sleeping surprisingly swiftly, then went and ate hummus and monkeyed about with electronics. That left me with half an hour of driving a made-up car very fast around a non-existent race course, and then another non-existent car around a simulation of the Nurburgring, in homage to James Bond’s adventures there. (I beat Bond’s time by about 3 minutes, although he had a 1950s race car and I have an Xbox, but then I exist and he doesn’t, a natural advantage for me.)

Then I went to bed, and played around with my Wifi connection for a couple of hours. Tuesdays really are incredibly exciting fun, aren’t they?

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