Early breakfast

La Serpiente woke at 2 and 4 this morning, latterly to complain that she needed food. “Hungwy, soo hungwy” she wailed (poor thing hasn’t quite got the grip of r-sounds yet) and so first I told her it was too early in the morning, and then I offered a wheaten cracker.

“No, I need bread. Half with butter and half with peanut butter so I can make a sandwich.”

You have to be quite impressed with both the linguistic skills and the logistical planning of my three-year-old. I was still dog-sick from all the booze the previous night, but I told her to stay in bed while I made her food, and for once she did, leaving me time and peace to butter and peanut-butter (is that a verb?) a slice of bread for her, cut off the crusts and serve it up on a Mickey Mouse melanine plate.

She chowed down, carefully folding the two pieces of bread, butter to peanut butter, so she got her required sandwich. There was some coughing when she took a bite that was too big, but she impressed throughout. Then she rolled over and went back to sleep, and I got two more hours rest until I had to head out to do the time keeping at parkrun.

For the rest of the day she was well behaved, although partly this was because my wife had promised her a visit to a gingerbread house building event. Which is actually tomorrow. So La Serpiente didn’t get her nap today, and had to go to the library for three hours to compensate for this. That meant she was stir crazy by 7:30, but in a wonderful blessing for us she was so tired she fell asleep in less than a minute, rather than her usual half-hour-of-blinding-idiocy. So we’ve got that going for us.

I had a profitable day, but also failed to nap, so I feel dreadful. I got the first two weeks of my marathon training scheduled, and then when the sound of Destroyer waking from her nap was too loud to ignore, I took her and the running stroller to the bike shop for an upgrade. Destroyer spent a happy hour picking up inner tubes and putting them down again, and we’ve stripped the decaying foam rubber from the handles of the stroller and replaced with pro-level handlebar tape. Bright red tape, so it should go faster.

I also went to look around the Virgin Active gym near our house, which has all sorts of ridiculous amenities like a steam room and a not-quite-so-hot room (temperature regulated to 32 degrees, which is basically the outdoors temperature in Singapore most days). So I’m undecided on whether I should spend the next year in a gym as well as out running, but I’ve got a while to decide…

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