End of the weakened

Rather than have a relaxing sleep and recover from the weekend, I stayed up too late last night and when I did go to bed, my wife was taking up the whole mattress and snoring. I went out to sleep on the sofa, but the wind was blowing incredibly noisily so it took me another hour to get to sleep.

At which point Destroyer appeared to wake me up, because I needed to show her where her water bottle was. Which was on the bookshelf by her bed. La Serpiente, emulating her mother, had managed to spread herself across the entirety of her bed, so to coax Destroyer back to sleep I had to lie perpendicularly across the bed, and then got woken up again at some time before seven. 

Thus the day, fully fatigued, started. I had to shamble with the girls to school, and then as I walked to the bus stop it began to drizzle. 
Disappointingly, it never rained properly, so I walked to work with a superfluous umbrella, battered my way through a mound of work, and then came home to find the girls refusing to eat or to sleep. 

This was the first day I’ve worn jeans in Singapore in many years. Even then, I still felt chilly today. Tomorrow, I hope I’m back to normal… 

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