Fighting against the sleep

This morning reveille was at six a.m., when our daughter decided it was time to get up and start yelling. Since I was up and had nothing else to do, I went off for a half-hour run, after which I helped prep the child, before we all went out for the best eggs in town at Ronin.

I carried my daughter halfway there on my shoulders. When she was younger I was scared she’d fall, so I used to hold onto her torso with both hands. This killed my arms and back and did terrible things to my deck as I ended up bent over with the full weight of a baby on the back of my head.

More recently though, I’ve been able to secure her by must holding onto her legs, a more comfortable solution for both of us. Still, she weighs more than twenty-six pounds. So carrying her any distance is becoming something kd a trial.

Even with eggs in me, this was an exhausting start to the day and everything was a struggle. The jet lag hasn’t abandoned me yet and there was one meeting where I could not keep my eyes open. The meeting room kept getting foggy and out of focus, until I snapped my gaze back to normal a few times, probably looking ever more incompetent.

This evening I had a Spanish class, and so not content with looking like a drooling idiot at work, I had volunteered to take ten sessions. In between not having enough sleep or sense, I’d decided to go to my Spanish class tonight, where again i was bereft of sense. After two hours of almost passing out, i fled for the bosom of my family, and a bed time earlier than midnight.

Tomorrow i promise I’ll write something that doesn’t imply there are only three people who exist in the world. Or perhaps ill hallucinate something else…

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