Go slow

I got back late from the office today, after La Serpiente and Destroyer had eaten their dinner, so they got to gibber and prance around the living room while I ate pasta and tofurkey sausages. La Serpiente has a set of plastic scissors that she enjoys cutting up paper with, and she was waiting for me to come home so she could cut up a flyer advertising a marathon Zumba event in a warehouse near the airport. The state of advertising is getting worse every day, it seems.

After her bath, I read La Serpiente a story about an otter that has its own teddy bear, and then she fell asleep in less than the time it took Bedtime Bear to sing a full cycle of songs. I crept out and went for a run, or rather a very slow jog. Exhausted by yesterday’s power test, I was a slow and shambling wreck. I managed about ten minutes of plodding and then stopped to try the recommended strength training again. This time I managed 15 press ups, 15 sit ups and 3 pull ups. Part way through the sit ups, a small girl (no more than five years old) came and sat next to me, and began to do sit ups.

What sort of life is this? Trying to better myself, and being satirised by a five year old, while wearing a corporate t-shirt. The child’s parents looked on without commenting. I would be irate, but this is probably karma for me wheeling La Serpiente up and down East Coast Park, clapping sarcastically as we passed other runners.

I returned home and got cleaned up then went to bed, to read some more slightly dubious advice from an elite athlete and hopefully fall into a dreamless sleep until morning.

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