Going out again, going out too quick again

Every Monday afternoon I get an email that tells me how far I ran in the previous week. I was surprised to find I’d managed an entire kilometer – the week had been such a shambles that it scarcely seemed possible that I’d even put my shoes on. Still, every kilometer is another kilometer. Tonight, I went back to the track to try to remedy the gap in my training, without going too stupid round the track. I was undecided as to whether to run with everyone else, or just bang out a 5k on my own – something had to blow the cobwebs away.

There weren’t many people out this evening, and the prescribed workout, 6x1000m in 6 minutes, didn’t seem so bad. I figured it might even be slightly easier than doing a 5k.

I oscillate between thinking 1000m repeats are good or bad; doing two and a half laps every time means half the time you’re far away from your water bottle, and sometimes it feels more like doing much more than two laps, instead of much less than three. Tonight I went out too quick, or I was lacking after a week of no training and a cold.


I didn’t realize at the time how big a drop off that was: 10 seconds worse between several of those laps, and the only consistency was getting consistently slower. Whereas I’ve trained myself to be more patient and run a pretty constant pace on 400s (and for a 5k) the intelligent approach still eludes me for the longer intervals.

I suppose I should aim for a 4 minute km every time for now. That would mean 96 second laps, which would be 24 seconds for every hundred meters. I know what I did: I put in a few too many 20 second 100 meters at the start, and paid for it later on. Maybe I need to sneak to the track on my own when it’s quiet and put myself through patience training.

Still, I feel better for it: I hope this marks the start of the ascent, rather than an inflection point before I continue curving downwards…

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  1. Good luck with your next training session. I always think it’s better to do some rather than none, even if that some isn’t up to the speed you were hoping for. Where/when are you running your next race ?

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