Going round in circles

I woke at 6:30 this morning after a complicated dream where I won a million dollars through a banking error, to find my head churning from all of last night’s booze. Ordinarily I would have gone back to sleep, but the alarm had woken my wife first and the guilt propelled me out of the door. I’m not sure how I managed 10k : there were whole sections of the route that I know I must have run, but are invisible to my memory. Getting it done was partly the alcohol fuelling me, partly an act of will, and partly mystery.

I got home, showered, perspired, went to sleep again, and later woke up to go to the zoo.

With our two-year-old niece in tow, going to the zoo isn’t a simple operation. You have to budget lost hours where a child will bring you every loose object in the apartment, over and over again, each time expecting you to feign interest. It makes me consider emptying our flat of everything before our child arrives, so with a lack of things we can expedite efficient activity. But that’s probably a forlorn hope.

I also didn’t realise the difficulty of getting children to eat breakfast, as opposed to having them cram food into their mouths and leave it wadded up in their cheeks for later use. Of course, children, being childish, can be easily manipulated. You just cut up all their food into bite-sized morsels, and refuse them any more until each piece has been swallowed.

Perhaps my child is going to turn me into a command-economy fascist. With a collection of Sesame Street merchandise.

When we got to the zoo, despite my exhaustion it was enjoyable as ever. There’s always something new that sticks in your mind. For me, on this visit, it was the goats.

I’d never seen the goats before; there’s a collection of randy goats up near the children’s play area, and they spend their time butting heads, rutting, and yelling at one another. Yes, yelling. The bellow of an angry or bemused goat is unsettlingly human. I got freaked out and had to go home.

This evening I avoided the booze (I have a big run tomorrow) but went to the Red Bull Dark Knights race in the park over the road from our building. This was a one-minute downhill race in the dark, with large ramps and other obstacles, and predictably lots of crashes. At one point, I was told, racing had to stop because they’d run out of ambulances. What could be more rock and roll than that?

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