Going Scarlet

This evening I went to the Scarlet Hotel for drinks. It’s just over the road from our apartment block, and in the days before baby we used to go there quite frequently. They’re digging up the road outside (again – it seems to be one of the National Projects To Ensure Prosperity to have people rebuilding the sewers 7 days a week) but at least the internal renovations at the hotel seem to be complete.

During an earlier iteration of Digging The Road Up, the hotel closed for a while for remodeling; disappointingly, they didn’t take the time to paint every single object in the building red. That’s right: it’s not really a scarlet hotel.

Upstairs, the rooftop bar is a bit different. It used to feel like you were drinking in a slightly decrepit souk, but they’ve cleared away the hanging curtains and rococo decoration, and in the harsh light of day it’s probably spartan and austere. In the dark, it’s just a bit minimalist, which is actually quite pleasant, as the decor doesn’t get in the way, shouting "look at me!" while you’re trying to drink.

I had a couple of beers and talked at length about service-oriented architectures for websites, because that’s how I relax when my wife sends me out for the evening. Our child, after a week of rage at baths, suddenly was happy and affectionate when we washed her tonight. She even allowed us to dress her afterward without turning into an angry mess. She must be plotting something.

I haven’t run all week. All I’ve done is make disgusting mucus spurt from my nose. I have a half marathon to run in two weeks time. I could be in trouble.

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