Hot and wet

Last Saturday, I bought a very expensive pair of running shorts, the sort that claim to do wonderful things for you by squeezing all your muscles. These are extra special Swiss ones (made in Tunisia) that have grippy sections for you to push on when clambering up muddy slopes, and another fifteen features on the box, perhaps to justify their enormous price. I put them on, and my compression socks, and another pair of shorts to protect mu modesty on the train (I assume Singaporean commuters don’t wish to see middle aged men in skin tight shorts) and went to the track.

It’s much cooler in Switzerland, obviously. Wearing shorts that go all the way to the knee, and compression socks that go almost all the way up to the knee, and a beard, and another pair of shorts, is a recipe for heatstroke, so I discarded the extra pair of shorts when I arrived at the track, but I still felt pretty warm. I had to remove my shirt quite soon as well, to avoid total collapse.

Tonight’s session was 5×1200 metres, which was fairly easy after the 5ks I’ve been running. I aimed to do every lap in 1:39, and to try to be consistent throughout. As there were other, faster people on track I kept running the first lap too quickly (getting round the first bend in 20 seconds) but I kept going steadily to the end. Not flashy, and I’m sure I could have done some of it a bit faster (I beat two faster people to the line at the end of the last lap) but I’m trying to be consistent, rather than blow up half way through the session. This is on the assumption that it’s easier to get from a solid 1:39 every lap to a solid 1:35 every lap, than to go from some laps at 1:27 and some at 1:50 to all at 1:35. We shall see.

1200m in 7 minutes each time:

… which doesn’t look quite as consistent as I’d expected. In mitigation, running 1:39 laps would have meant I ran every 1200m in 4:57.00, so I did consistently do better than I’d planned, but that suggests I should have gone a bit quicker. To be 22 seconds too quick on the first three laps means I could probably have run everything in around 4:47 pace, or faster. I’ll have to sneak off to the track on my own and put some more fast laps in…

Just as I’d finished warming down with a jog around the track, it started to rain. Proper, heavy duty rain where you feel chilled to the bone, drops bouncing up off the ground, while we stood there and stretched. Although it soaked me, I was already soaked with sweat so at least it cleaned that from my face, rather than have me go blind from sweat rolling down into my eyes. We sheltered under the stand, but the rain refused to abate, and only after twenty minutes did we give up waiting and head back to the station. After all, how much wetter could we get?

Quite a bit, apparently. I felt half frozen to death by the time we got home: not sure I’ll manage a run tomorrow morning with these tired legs. At least I feel honestly tied, rather than just exhausted from lassitude.

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