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  • Stryd PowerRace

    Today I installed PowerRace onto my Garmin 235, and it feels like it’s made my Stryd massively more useful as a training tool.

  • Marathon training – week 10 of 14

    I think this was a better week than last week. It’s a bit hard to say, looking back on a Sunday night where I ran for 2 hours and 20 minutes and still didn’t go as far as I was meant to. Looking at Training Peaks, I was therefore surprised to find I only ran […]

  • Marathon training – week 7 of 14 – the halfway point

    This was always going to be one of those weeks where the wheels might fall off. Usually when I fly to a different country, my running goes completely to pieces, so though I was only clocking about half the intended load, I’m still fairly content with the outcome. First, let’s talk about all that red.

  • Marathon training – week 6 of 14 (too much too young)

    I ended last week by slacking off and not doing my long Sunday run. That left me unexpectedly fresh on Monday, so when I went to the track I ran (in epically wet conditions) a surprisingly consistent set of 400m repeats. Pretty much every lap was under 1:25, and they were almost all within a […]

  • Marathon training – week 5 of 14 (slacking off)

    I’m back from running round the track in torrential, chilling rain, and looking back on last week, a week where I didn’t do all that I should have done. A week that culminated in defeat and a margarita pizza.

  • Marathon training – week 4 of 14 (taking it easy)

    This was my first easy week, although it’s hard to consider it that way, after the day I’ve just had, and my aching feet. For three days this week I just had to run my bread-and-butter 40 minute easy run; on Tuesday I did a power test at the track that was really just a […]

  • Marathon training – week 3 of 14

    I stuck closer to my schedule this week than last week; I missed 8 minutes off a run on Tuesday, and five minutes and ten minutes off other runs here and there, and I ended up rescheduling my Friday runs for Sunday (and then doing them the wrong way round: recovery run in the morning, […]

  • Marathon training – week 2 of 14

    This week I missed a few runs: I skipped a 30 minute jog on Friday night, feeling exhausted from the week and wanting to be fresh for the parkrun on the Saturday, and I was also meant to do a 2 hour tempo run at goal pace on Saturday morning; 20-odd minutes (and they were […]

  • The first week isn’t the hardest

    This week I did all but one of my scheduled runs; the last one today, an easy recovery jog, I figured I’d skip after spending all of Christmas Day drinking prosecco. If you look at this summary, I’ve almost exactly doubled the distance I’ve run vs the previous week, but my TSS (the indication of […]

  • And so it begins…

    Tomorrow is the start of my 14 week training plan for the Sundown Marathon in Singapore in March. This includes such joys as two hours of running scheduled for Christmas, which isn’t going to go down any better than a kilo of stale turkey and some rancid brandy butter. But tonight was my last off-schedule […]