Marathon training – week 5 of 14 (slacking off)

I’m back from running round the track in torrential, chilling rain, and looking back on last week, a week where I didn’t do all that I should have done. A week that culminated in defeat and a margarita pizza.

Things started well. I had 8 miles to run at tempo pace on Tuesday, and I managed that without ill effects, got to work, then flew to Bangkok, skived off my evening run, and then did only half an hour on Wednesday. This was partly because I put Destroyer on my foot on Tuesday morning, squashing a particularly tender toe and leaving me semi-hobbled for most of the rest of the week. It’s fine now, but as the weeks go by, my battered toenails and punished feet are only going to hate me more.

I flew home, and I was meant to do a long hard run that day, but I shifted it to Friday (Training Peaks is wonderful for making it easy to adjust your training schedule) and then I had another hard run to do on Saturday, but I wanted to go and see everyone at Parkrun, so instead I ran to the Parkrun, and then ran the Parkrun, with a regrettably slow time (just under 22:30) – although that would give me a great marathon time if I could stretch it 8 and a half times as long.

On Saturday night I should have got some rest and prepared to get up early for the 2 and a half hour run that was waiting for me, but I didn’t; standing up and drinking are bad on tired legs, and my plan to run in the evening was circumvented by fine pizza and rain. So I missed a whole day (and my longest run yet) from the schedule – bad, bad, bad.

On the positive side, even on a week beset with work travel and laziness, I still knocked out over 60 kilometres. Plus coming back fresh today meant I had a very happy time at the track, even in the rain: I bashed out 11 laps of the track with near-metronomic regularity: all but one under 1:26, and 6 at exactly 1:24 pace. So training does make a difference.

While we’re on it, here’s two graphs from tonight showing why power is better than heart rate for training:

On the left: heart rates. Lots of stuff spread across all the different zones (including all the time spent resting between intervals, where I was cooling down, and then the warming up at the start of each lap). On the right: power. One of these two graphs shows a polarised training session nicely, and the other – well, can we really tell what’s going on?

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  1. I really think that positives are there if you look hard enough. You do seem to be getting lots of runs into your weekly routine.

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