Marathon training – week 10 of 14

I think this was a better week than last week. It’s a bit hard to say, looking back on a Sunday night where I ran for 2 hours and 20 minutes and still didn’t go as far as I was meant to.

Looking at Training Peaks, I was therefore surprised to find I only ran for 6 hours last week (21 minutes less than the previous week, when I had the excuse of jet lag). Whoops. I did fit in my yearly attempt at the Akira Road Relay, although this was a pyrrhic victory – no entry in the toaster oven meant no real shot at glory.

So that’s a lot of missing opportunities to train. The forthcoming week isn’t great either – I fly to Bangkok on Wednesday morning – but hopefully I’ll defy my recent behaviour and at least run every session I’ve scheduled.

How did things feel? It was up and down this week. On Tuesday, I did discover a source of free water, over by the National Stadium. That was good. What was less enjoyable was getting back from running around the Marina Bay to discover I had to run another 2 km, and having to make that up by running up and down outside our building, on a monotonous 0.4km stretch of path.

I found yet another water fountain on Sunday; it seems that once you start finding them, it’s hard to stop. The other fountain is nestled by the toilets at the Marina Barrage, next to (a) a big sign saying they’re not for washing, only for drinking and (b) a set of showers. Which don’t have a sign saying they’re not for drinking, only for washing. The Marina Barrage fountain is not as good as the one at the National Stadium because the water isn’t refridgerated, which means it’s at Singapore room temperate, which means it’s at body temperature, which has the upsetting consequene that it feels like you might be drinking your own piss. But, at least it’s water.

On Wednesday I had another fairly tough run, which I had to do in the evening after falling asleep on Destroyer’s floor. At least I managed to get through it (mostly) – I have a harder version to complete tomorrow morning, so I’m off to bed soon. (I fell asleep for an hour and a half on Destroyer’s floor tonight, which seems to be becoming a leitmotif of my training.)

Finally, there was Sunday’s big run, where I was planning on doing 3 hours, and got as far as 2 hours 20. And a chafed leg from my shorts. And a feeling of utter exhaustion and hatred of the route around the Marina Bay. Lucky I’m running there tomorrow as well…

Heart rate spread is again a bit aggressive this week – only 55% in zones 1 & 2.

And so, without much regret, to bed.

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