Marathon training – week 4 of 14 (taking it easy)

This was my first easy week, although it’s hard to consider it that way, after the day I’ve just had, and my aching feet. For three days this week I just had to run my bread-and-butter 40 minute easy run; on Tuesday I did a power test at the track that was really just a check-in to make sure I hadn’t gone super strong or super weak in the last few weeks, and on Friday I had my lactate threshold test, which was only stressful if you count the worry that you might fall on the treadmill and be thrown at 14 km/h into a couple of chairs and a desk.

Yesterday I didn’t even have a run scheduled, but then this morning, after a night of drinking wine and eating vast amounts of cheese, I got up at 6 (following a horrible dream about nothing in particular apart from existential dread) and ran for two hours. Well, I ran with a friend for the first hour, and he made me go too fast, and then the cheese took its toll and I had to jog/waddle/run to the toilets at East Coast Park, lest something dreadful happen, and after that near-miss I ran back home. So that was a half-marathon distance under my belt before breakfast. Then this evening after the kids were down, I went for another 30 minute run to finish the day. So the week started easy, got hard pretty fast at the end.

My track test showed I was 2-3 watts weaker than last time, so I’m not paying much notice to it (the last test wasn’t while I was coming off two weeks of 80+km) although I did manage an extra half-lap of the track in the same 30 minute period. So I guess I’m getting ever-so-slightly better.
Heart rate zones – as this graph shows, I did an awful lot of low-heart rate work this week (55% in zone 1). Quite a bit of that was from this morning’s run, but not all of it. And I definitely went too hard this morning, as the power chart shows (should have been negligible in zone 3 and above):
Must. Hold. Back.

But otherwise uneventful. No smashing my phone, no almost picking a fight with a man on an electric scooter, no mindbendingly slow 7-minute kilometre runs. I hope that means I’m going to be fresh for the next couple of weeks of headbanging madness.

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