Hot mess, not enough steps

Today I didn’t manage to do 10,000 steps, but I did about half an hour of riding my scooter around (back and forth between the climbing wall and home) and although that doesn’t count on my fitness tracker, surely it’s something. I had a class at the climbing wall, some time spent practicing compressions, and then heel and toe hooking, which demonstrated that I have strong toes, and inflexible hips, so that’s something to work with and something to work on.
The class was an hour long, after which, having only done two problems, I was really tired. But then I was up at six thirty this morning, so that probably didn’t help. I got home just as my wife emerged from the girls’ bedroom, it having taken an hour and a half to put them to bed. Why can’t they go easier on us?

Other than that, little to say about today, except that it’s incredibly hot in the apartment. Our air conditioning is too noisy to sleep with, but if we turn it off we wake up at 2am drenched in sweat. So that is making for an interesting weight loss program, I suppose.

And now to bed, to dream of having greater grip strength and better coordination.

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