Late night ruminations in the Westin

“I hope you have a nice holiday.”
“He’s not on holiday, he’s at work. ”
“Ooooh… I hope you have a nice holiday at work.”

Such was the message I got from La Serpiente tonight. Just as my wife believes all I do at work is drink coffee and read the newspaper, so my child thinks I’m always on holiday. It’s a lot harder than that.

For example, today I was in a hotel conference room with questionable Chinese decor, for nine and a half hours. And then I went to a Thai restaurant by the river for dinner and had two beers.


Yes, but when I got back to my room, they hadn’t restocked the minibar so I couldn’t have another Twix before bed. And they’re pretty special Twixes at the Westin in Bangkok, I can tell you. Well, I assume they must be if they’re 5 US dollars a time.

With no Twixes, what else can I eat? The Butterfinger bar, full of peanuts? I’d rather eat one of the packets of condoms, so ostentatiously displayed above the minibar. Only in Bangkok. Nowhere else have I seen Pringles (sour cream and chive) and condoms presented so close together. Is one the perfect post-coital meal? Have none of the hotels I’d stayed in previously been exciting enough? Did I check into the Sexy Room by accident? (Although unlike Jakarta, there has been no steady stream of masseuses knocking at the door.)


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  1. Mate last I heard you stayed in a hotel where you were offered a hotel room massage, now you’re staying in a place that dishes our pringles and durex, and a tub of nuts. You have to hand it to them for their ability to be classy, imaginative and practical at the same time 🙂

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