Left in the lurch

Idiotically, I had planned to run 10km to the start of the park run this morning, but I woke at six feeling dreadful and went back to sleep. I somehow managed to get to the run five minutes before it started, via a taxi, and then walked to the start line, eyes still half shut.

I was wearing new trainers today; lighter, thinner soled ones that eschew some comfort but may have made me go faster. I didn’t break any records today, but I wasn’t any slower than usual, despite all that sneezing and lack of sleep. My heart rate was stupidly high; up near 180 for the whole run, worsened when people were overtaking me and I was having to dig in to catch them up again. I didn’t quite beat 21 minutes as I’d hoped, but there’s always next week.

Afterwards, dark clouds were gathering and the rain was beginning to poor, so I ordered another taxi through my Grab app, and went to the car park to wait for it. Shortly, I saw the taxi approaching on the slip road … and passing by without stopping, and accelerating away.

One benefit of the Grab app is you can see where the taxi is. So I could watch as he made a U-turn onto the expressway and cleared off, driving five miles in the wrong direction. (Or the right direction, if you needed to go to the National Library.) I rang the driver several times without getting any response.

And then I saw the app showed my status as "In transit" and not "waiting for pickup". So the ass driving the car had confirmed he’d picked me up without even bothering to slow down. I texted him, asking why he hadn’t stopped to pick me up. No response. I called Grab’s support line, a little enraged.

About ten minutes after that, the app notified me that I’d been charged for my ride, and would I like to review it. And five minutes after that, customer support called me to let me know I’d be getting a refund.

And an hour and a half after that, the taxi driver texted me to say he was "vrey sorry" which is a bit too late to apologise and also to find out he didn’t have auto-correct enabled on his phone.

The rest of the day I spent recovering from the excess of the run, and then taking the kids to an unstructured play area, where they got to play with old plastic bottles, syringes and coat hangers. No, that sounds worse than it was.


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