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  • A day out in Kuala Lumpur

    At lunchtime today, I took a flight from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur. This isn’t very far at all; you get in your seat, you look out the window, they give you some peanuts and a small tub of orange juice (for this was a Malaysia Airlines flight rather than a low-cost carrier), you eat the […]

  • A Night At The Races

    This evening we went to watch the horse racing. The races are at the Singapore Turf Club, far north near Krangj. Unfortunately our taxi driver, breaching at least one stereotype, didn’t know where the Turf Club was and drove us erratically through rush hour traffic, lurching with every lead-footed stomp on accelerator or brake, for […]

  • Good Afternoon

    Things didn’t start too well. When La Serpiente woke up and started screaming, we tried to placate her with the promise of her current favourite snack, cheese and crackers. But she’s already eaten all the crackers in the house, and a toasted cheese sandwich with the crusts cut off was rejected out of hand as […]

  • Left in the lurch

    Idiotically, I had planned to run 10km to the start of the park run this morning, but I woke at six feeling dreadful and went back to sleep. I somehow managed to get to the run five minutes before it started, via a taxi, and then walked to the start line, eyes still half shut.

  • Off to Hong Kong

    In what may be an intense act of stupidity, to relax this weekend we took the afternoon off to fly to Hong Kong. That meant catching the 4:45 flight, arriving at bedtime (8:15) at the airport and not reaching the hotel until almost ten, well beyond La Serpiente and Destroyer’s usual tolerances forbsleep deprivation. Let […]

  • Warm and fuzzy

    It took me two hours to get from the office to Narita airport. I got a taxi from Roppongi at 5pm and then had half an hour of stress as the circuitous route we took to the railway station felt like it was going on as long as driving to Narita would have taken, even […]

  • Cheated in New York

    I got up this morning after the worst night’s sleep I’ve had all week. After yesterday’s wonderful 8 hours, I was rudely awakened every hour this morning by … well, nothing much in particular. Maybe my body was stressed in advance because it knew that when I looked at the bill the hotel staff shoved […]

  • The Slow Way Into America

    The flight from Tokyo to JFK was nicely uneventful. I continued to luxuriate in my enormous blanket and pillow. On this second flight I even got one of the small economy-sized pillows as well, as if they were looking to bolster my schadenfreude. I slept for the first six hours of the flight, read a […]

  • Quick quick slow

    After my longest run since before I left Singapore and then came back to Singapore, after a week of constantly drinking and then going spinning while hungover at the weekend, after staying up late watching every single episode of Children’s Hospital and playing too much Township, and after a day at work where I was […]

  • Nearly Death Experiences

    I’ve really enjoyed my time in Tokyo this time around. Last time I was in an awful grump, but thenm I was also in an awful hotel at the bottom of Roppongi. This time I’m in a slightly nicer hotel: there’s a bath (which I criminally failed to utilise during my stay) and the bed […]