Off to Hong Kong

In what may be an intense act of stupidity, to relax this weekend we took the afternoon off to fly to Hong Kong. That meant catching the 4:45 flight, arriving at bedtime (8:15) at the airport and not reaching the hotel until almost ten, well beyond La Serpiente and Destroyer’s usual tolerances forbsleep deprivation. Let them see what it feels like.

The Tiger plane was a little decrepit with broken plastic on the arm rests and old food between the seats, and insanely expensive onboard food (three dollars for a tiny tube of Pringles) but the plane didn’t smell of urine and wasn’t struck by lightning, quite unlike the last time I flew with them.

Destroyer fell asleep on me; La Serpiente gamely held out all the way to the hotel and a glass of milk, before going straight to sleep, leaving me to remark to myself on how much I missed Hong Kong (mountains! Neon! Mountains of neon!) and how stupid I was to not book us into the airport hotel, being as we fly back out in less than 36 hours’ time.

Not that Hong Kong was an entirely carefree existence, of course: I think I was stressed and worries then too, but we could go and be irresponsible in a way you can’t with two kids, and I suppose I miss the opportunities for selfishness.

Then again, tomorrow after the wedding we go to the shops to buy five kilograms of chocolate eggs, so I am still engaging my selfish side somewhat.

We took a taxi from the airport (rather than the more efficient train, and then discovering there was no taxi available to get us to the hotel) – driven at high velocity by a Hong Konger with long hair and no English. Luckily for us, he had a phone with Google Maps and voice recognition, but annoyingly, Google only understands me if I put on a ridiculous, toffee nosed accent. What does that say?

Still, he got us to the hotel. We have a small room filled entirely with two large beds. That’s a family room, apparently. I wonder if it’s also a metaphor for my existence. But then I’ve been awake since 7am with precious little sleep before that, so I’m abandoning consciousness now in favour of repose.

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