Modernism and babies

Today it was cold and overcast, so after all these uncharacteristically sunny days in the Pacific Northwest, and after breakfast at Lola’s, another Tom Douglas restaurant, I finally had an excuse to go back to SAM and skulk away from the outside. Almost every time I’ve stayed in Seattle I’ve visited SAM, never actually paying anything for the privilege, so I didn’t feel too pained to be paying for the Modernist exhibition today, although most of it left me a little cold.

That may have been because I was distracted, trying to prevent La Serpiente Negra from running at full speed towards various invaluable paintings, sculptures and glassworks. She was docile early on, stood next to my favourite piece from the museum, a German sculpture of a black mouse taller than a man, but later all she wanted was to smash. I’m amazed we got out of there without a hole in a priceless artwork, shaped like the outline of our daughter. Two months of walking has given her prodigious powers of acceleration.

After SAM, we split up, leaving my parents to go shopping while we … went shopping. But I bought things like water bottles and massage balls, then walked slowly back up to the hotel, stopping only for essential cupcakes at Cupcake Royale, the first place I’ve ever been that has a specially gay cupcake.

For dinner, we went to Wild Ginger (I last visited in 2007, I think) for a great meal of Asian greatest hits. The concierge at the Westin had made our reservation for us, so we got an extra amuse-bouche and what felt like special treatment. It was a better meal than many more “authentic” ones back East, and then we struggled home, our poor child exhausted, having been kept out until almost ten p.m. Our last full day in Seattle beckons tomorrow – I think I’ll take La Serpiente Negra to a pub.

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