Night moves

I couldn’t get to sleep last night, and so at 1am I got up and shambled around the house, scheming about my Blood Bowl match I had scheduled for the morning. Eventually returning to bed, on the verge of sleep, I heard La Serpiente open her bedroom door and start calling to Destroyer, before coming into our room.
Well, I wasn’t going to have much chance of getting La Serpiente back into bed, so I went into the girls’ room, and prepared to lie down, using the light from my watchface to locate our younger daughter so I didn’t squash her.

She was nowhere to be found.

Confused, I went back out, and after not finding her in our bedroom, I saw a shape in the dark and realised she was sat on the sofa, knees pulled up to her chest, silently sobbing at some bad dream. I picked her up, took her back to her bed and lay down next to her to sleep.

I woke at 8 this morning, which isn’t so bad, because today is a holiday in Singapore. But also quite bad, because I had arranged to be on a conference call at 8,and so while the children gibbered and screamed around me, I had to try to have a reasonable conversation with some technical experts.

After that, I lost my Blood Bowl match 5-1, punished by a combination of bad tactics and bad luck, and then went off to brunch with my insomniac children. So that was a start to the day…

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