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  • Night moves

    I couldn’t get to sleep last night, and so at 1am I got up and shambled around the house, scheming about my Blood Bowl match I had scheduled for the morning. Eventually returning to bed, on the verge of sleep, I heard La Serpiente open her bedroom door and start calling to Destroyer, before coming […]

  • Dreams and fighting

    Maybe it’s the shingles, maybe it’s the drugs, maybe it’s Friday but I’ve been having strangely vivid dreams. I woke this afternoon after what felt like an hour at the start of a race, crouched down on a dirty patch of gravel, trying to make sure my wallet would get into the right plastic bag […]

  • Bad dreams

    Early this morning, I dreamed I was riding on a very small pig through an MRT station in Singapore. The pig was about two feet high and rather stout, and I couldn’t ride it on the escalator, only through the concourse, but I never found out whether in Dream Singapore you can take pigs on […]

  • No shirt, no service?

    This morning, I dreamed I was using ultrasound to destroy all my shirts, and this was really annoying my wife. She even seemed slightly annoyed after I’d woken up and told her this: that’s what you get for disturbing my sleep patterns with Skype, even if you were calling just two minutes before my alarm […]

  • Head in the clouds

    Flying back, jammed into the middle of the 51st row of a BA 747 with a malfunctioning in flight entertainment system, I fell to sleep soon after we departed Changi, waking six hours later as we flew through rough air somewhere above one ‘stan or another.

  • Dream a dream

    Two days ago a friend at the office told me of how he’d recently escaped being eaten by a crocodile while on holiday, and how he’d suffered nightmares for three nights afterwards. I told him that I don’t dream any more; I have no dreams, no inner life while asleep, perhaps no hope or interest […]

  • Back up again

    After two hard days of gloom and existential despair, I started Sunday in terrible shape, with a confusing dream in which I had to compete in the Singapore Formula One race, driving a clapped out car from the backseat, and being sternly admonished not to drive into the harbour by accident. I woke, terrified and […]

  • Living the dream

    Because I’m a lazy ne’er-do-well, I didn’t have a smoothie for breakfast this morning: the blender languished in the sink, unwashed and unloved. I had awoken from a troublesome dream within a dream. In the dream I’d been dreaming about, I’d borrowed a policeman’s bicycle and was riding it to Dover. I dreamt that I […]