Dreams and fighting

Maybe it’s the shingles, maybe it’s the drugs, maybe it’s Friday but I’ve been having strangely vivid dreams. I woke this afternoon after what felt like an hour at the start of a race, crouched down on a dirty patch of gravel, trying to make sure my wallet would get into the right plastic bag to appear when I crossed the border into Malaysia. My subconscious can’t afford a large group of extras: there were just me, a guy from the running club and three ternagers in schoolgirl uniforms on a drab day among some prefabricated huts.

I had a decent amount of sleep last night, and then I went back to sleep about 11, and then didn’t wake up until after my dream, so I should feel properly rested, but sadly that’s not the case. That, or following La Serpiente and Destroyer around is just more exhausting than you might think.

Destroyer is starting to get more violent. I think she’s grown tired of 15 months of her sister snatching her toys away from her, and has started to retaliate by striking back. Somewhere along the line she’s been watching 1970s kung fu films, and as a result is using the open-handed style of a wing chun master. La Serpiente is going to a capoeira class tomorrow, so I may have the beginnings of a mixed-martial-arts gym by the end of the weekend.

La Serpiente, of course, is her usual self, which means lots of rampaging through the house and bouncing off the walls. I suppose I could have talked to her about my day, but does she care about my dreams?

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  1. I was dozing, but picked up upon hearing the words “schoolgirl uniforms”. Speaking of which, my 77-year-old is soon going to be in Singapore in a few days, following the end of his holiday in Koh Samui. Lock up your teenagers now Singapore!

  2. I meant to say, my 77-year-old father … obviously. He was already in Bangkok last month, and gave me expert advice on how to pinpoint the lady boys, should I ever be over there one day, and accidentally stumble into the red light district, as my dad assures me accidentally did.

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