Nighty night

Since our child is sleeping more now, and as there’s not much point in getting married and then sleeping alone, I slept in the marital bed last night, rather than skulk in the spare room.

Or at least I tried to sleep.

Yesterday evening I’d been to the running track by Botanic Gardens, for an interval session: 12 400m sprints, after which I was pretty much wrecked, and ready to pass out. Unfortunately, though Felicity had gone down at 7, by midnight she was waking up again.

My wife got up and left the room. I knew she’d be back in five minutes, and I didn’t want our daughter to get mixed messages from her parental units, so I listened to her cry, squashing a pillow over my head to smother out the noise. I suppose I could have got up and left at the same time, but that would have required not running 12 400m sprints that evening.

You’re told it’s impossible to sleep through a child’s cries – we’re evolutionary hardwired to not ignore babies in distress. However, Darwin never had interval training or soft pillows; I was almost sound asleep again before five minutes were up, guilt and exhaustion commingling in my veins.

My wife came back, Felicity sobbed some more. This was because she’d got her head stuck between the edge of her cot and the bed. We both felt terrible, and had to comfort our daughter with some more food. Then I passed out.

I woke up this morning in the spare room, a nagging feeling of guilt remaining. Felicity bears no apparent grudge, but we’ve been carefully blocking the gap between bed and cot today to prevent a repeat performance.

Perhaps as a result, today went much slower than usual. This time dilation wasn’t a bad thing, as we got lots done, but then the elastic band of temporality snapped back, and the afternoon evaporated without a trace. This feels like a fitting end to a year that began sluggishly, yet accelerated to warp speed once we crossed the half way point. I managed to bodge together part of my next video, but completing it will have to wait until tomorrow. As will reviewing the year just passed, and seeing which of my resolutions from 2013 I stuck to.

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