Not uplifted

Every day in this hotel, I find a note pushed under the door, warning me that the lift will be non functional due to repair work, although so far each day it’s been when I’ve been in the office, so I haven’t really cared. What I’m more annoyed about is the incredible heat in the room: it’s a bit chilly outdoors, so everywhere in Tokyo is heated to furnace temperature, which isn’t exactly great when you’re trying to shrug off jet lag.

I left the hotel twice today, once in the morning to go for a run, and once in the evening to go for a pizza. Neither of these were very uplifting.

It’s cold, but I failed to bring any long sleeved running tops, and although I could still run, it wasn’t very comfortable. Every traffic light was against me and my legs were tired and slow. Then again, when I uploaded the data to Strava it went loopy and claimed I’d been running 3:25 kms, which, if it hadn’t been so ludicrous, would have made me feel quite the athlete.

In the evening, I went for pizza, walking via the main crossroads of Roppongi. This is wonderful if you want to be stopped every ten yards by a man trying to get you to go into a bar. One tout even followed me across the street, trying to persuade me that there was a particularly lovely bar I should go into. This is Roppongi, so the best you can hope for is a shady joint with overpriced booze and dodgy punters, and the worst – who knows?

Or perhaps I’ve lost my spirit of adventure.

There’s also a succession of women standing around in the cold, but it was unclear if they were looking for business or for a taxi. Either way, they ignored me. I got to Pizza Strada, ate my pizza, came back to the hotel, and discovered that the toilet had stopped continually flushing when I sit on it. Which is good news, but as I don’t know why it stopped, I can’t be sure that it won’t start misbehaving again.

Basically, I’m sad and lonely and miss my wife and children. If only they were here, to participate in the joys of pimps and bar touts, independently minded lavatories and chilly walks to pizza.

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