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After a good month of training in May, things have gone south very fast this month. Saturday’s drinking meant that I didn’t feel like running yesterday, and then today a combination of a sore throat and Destroyer coughing constantly for four hours meant that I didn’t get out to the track tonight, or do any running at all.  I could already tell I was feeling burned out yesterday, making excuses to not go out for a run. Perhaps my limit is four weeks of decent training before I go on a bender and then find I can’t get back into running for a while.

I suppose this should be an opportunity to catch up on sleep and get ready for next week. When I’ll be caning it again at farewell parties, when all I want to do is sleep. Well, sleep, and stay up late reading books. I just need a time machine and the ability to fit 28 waking hours into every day. Is that really too much to ask for?

Today we went to the National Gallery again, and looked at an exhibition on Singaporean art since the 1880s (quite a few quite cross looking people were painted) and also revisited the exhibition of Modernism (which again, includes quite a lot of cross looking people). Come to think of it, Modernist paintings depict a lot of angry looking women, and some fairly defeated looking men. I don’t know why – perhaps they were incensed to be rendered by Cubists, descending stairs.

So that was the day. I spent the afternoon interviewing people, and then after I’d finished with that, we went swimming, but by then I felt very grotty and Destroyer was also uppity. If only we all could have gone to sleep four hours early today, I’d have been in much better shape.

I was planning on doing something with R.  In particular, building a better looking set of graphs for my running times, because, well, because I have nothing better to do, and it feels like one of the few areas of R that I have a chance of learning easily.  So far, I’ve got this, but it could be so much better:


Things to do: change the seconds to minutes + seconds, remove the legend because it’s not necessary, scale the x-axis by actual dates, get rid of the nasty grey background, add a title to the chart, add a target time… just a few little things to be getting on with.

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