Old New Shoes From New York

When I was in New York about a year ago, I bought two pairs of Nike Lunarglide 6 training shoes. This made sense to me at the time because two pairs in New York cost less than one pair in Singapore, and a deal’s a deal, right?

However, as I’ve moved away from more heavily cushioned shoes, the Lunarglides have felt a bit heavy, and in any case I wasn’t doing enough running last year to justify two pairs. One set became my tramping about town shoes, because they are black and (relatively) understated, and the other pair stayed in the shoe cupboard because they were incandescent white and blue and thus couldn’t be worn with anything.

Today though, footsore after four days of long or hard runs, I left my Fkyknits alone and got out the white and blue Lunarglides, to discover that in the last twelve months they’d gone a bit mouldy. Still, unlike my bicycle shoes they hadn’t actually fallen apart, so I put them on and went out for this evening’s run.

The first thing I noticed was that they had a much snugger fit than my black Lunarglides. It’s the same shoe, the same size, so I think part of the flabbiness I felt two weeks ago at the track when I changed out of my spikes was because my other shoes were all flabby and loose (so what does that say about my spikes?).

They’re also a bit heavier than my Flyknits, but today’s run was a gentle 50 minute distance run, meant to be run between 5:44 and 6:30 pace, so having a slower shoe to match my plodding pace wasn’t so bad.

I did run up Mount Faber, which was a bit silly for a gentle long run, but the only other alternative was breathing more filth in running by the expressway like the other night, so I think I made the best choice.

When I got home, my wife and I had our first bit of chocolate since we stopped eating things with added sugar. We haven’t broken our resolution; we’re just reduced to breaking off chunks of cooking chocolate from the fridge and cramming them into our maws.

It turns out that you shouldn’t really eat cooking chocolate, or at least not as a substitute for confectionary. Maybe this is a gentle form of aversion therapy and after a month, I’ll never hanker for a Mars bar again. So far February has had mood swings and grumpiness galore, but I think that’s par for the course, especially with La Serpiente waking every night with a persistent cough and us only getting three or four hours sleep as a result. Still, think of the mental toughness at the end of this ride…I felt two weeks ago

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