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  • Goodbye, barefoot running shoes

    Goodbye, barefoot running shoes

    Two and a half years after the Singapore climate claimed a perfectly good pair of shoes, I have another victim: my Merrell Roadgloves, an incredibly comfortable pair of shoes from the height of the barefoot running boom. (And thus at least five years old, but it’s the mileage, never the age…)

  • Golden shoes

    I bought two pairs of Cole Haan shoes while I was in San Francisco, one pair in blue with electric blue soles, and one totally ridiculous pair with gold uppers and white soles, like a clown’s idea of respectable brogues. The latter went away in a cupboard until til now, as I worried that I […]

  • Minor chores

    I got back from my morning run today just in time to miss Destroyer throw up her breakfast, which was a nice way to cool down. She was inconsolable until we put her in the bath, at which point she reverted to her normal merry burbling. I took her sister to school, hoping there wouldn’t […]

  • Shoe Dog

    At the airport this morning, on the way to Bangkok, I started reading Shoe Dog, Phil Knight’s memoir of founding Nike. I’m surprised that it’s more than 4 years since I read Bowerman And The Men Of Oregon, which is very much a companion piece to this. While Phil Knight was selling shoes out the […]

  • Old New Shoes From New York

    When I was in New York about a year ago, I bought two pairs of Nike Lunarglide 6 training shoes. This made sense to me at the time because two pairs in New York cost less than one pair in Singapore, and a deal’s a deal, right? However, as I’ve moved away from more heavily […]

  • Getting close to the end of the year

    Various unrelated things have happened in the last couple of days, although I suppose they’re related by virtue of all happening to me. Nothing is ever truly arbitrary.

  • Sweaty nights and lost shoes

    This evening I went for a run. That was the first time I’ve been running in two weeks, and the first time in Singapore in a lot longer. I could only do this with help from my family – La Serpiente Aquatica Negra went to sleep in less than 5 minutes last night, after a […]

  • Goodbye Disco Slippers

    Billy Bragg’s guitar had a sticker on it reading "This machine kills fascists". I think Singapore could do with a similar slogan: this climate kills clothes. This morning, for the first time in ages I was going to the Parkrun. I’d got my gear together and for the first time ever I was going to […]

  • Crime Alert

    There’s a new sign by the lift lobby in our building, warning of the risk of shoe theft. Rather than the terror of "Shoe Thieves Operating In This Area" there’s a disembodied hand reaching for a pair of shoes. A hand lacking an opposable thumb, so it may not get a good grip on the […]

  • The smelliness of the long-distance runner

    Tonight I left on time, having battered my way through everything I wanted to achieve, met my wife and some friends who’d flown a few thousand miles to be here for the weekend, washed a shouty baby, then got changed into my running gear and headed to the track.