Golden shoes

I bought two pairs of Cole Haan shoes while I was in San Francisco, one pair in blue with electric blue soles, and one totally ridiculous pair with gold uppers and white soles, like a clown’s idea of respectable brogues. The latter went away in a cupboard until til now, as I worried that I didn’t have the skills and panache to pull them off. (And, as usual, it takes me an average of six months between buying a pair of shoes and actually wearing them. You don’t want to get them dirty, after all.)

Somehow, sleep deprived after a night of thunderous storms, I was daft enough to put them on.

And surprisingly, they were great. My blue pair are slightly too tight, whereas these gold ones fit beautifully. Even on an overcast day with the rain sprinkling upon us, they gave a radiant shine that meant everyone who saw them wanted to comment on them. Including one co-worker who said I either wore them because I was brave, or I didn’t care what people thought of me. I’d have to say, both of these things could be true. Or it could just be that I like shiny things. I’ve got form, after all, even if it’s a few years since I last wore my discoball shorts and got my daughter to dress up to match me.

The other great thing about Cole Haans is that they use Nike soles, so they’re super comfortable to schlep around the office in, and if you don’t choose ludicrous gold ones, then you can look respectable as well. But where’s the fun in that?

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