Out in the dark

I had a really sore back this afternoon, and when I got home a very angry child, in full red alert mode when she got her bath. She hadn’t slept all afternoon and was disgusted with the world, but that meant she was so tired that after some milk and hardly a chapter of Declare she flopped unconscious to the bed, and I dashed off to the track.

As it happened, my shoulders didn’t trouble me at all, but the accumulated miles in my legs made me sluggish and I was at the back of the pack all the way round. Tonight we ran six 1,000 metre repeats over 6 minutes; not my favourite distance, although strangely it seems easier on alternate repeats. When we start at the far side of the track and then do two and a half laps, it feels somehow shorter than having to run two laps and then do another half lap. Which is the same distance. Hmmph.

No sore nipples today, thank goodness.

Afterwards, I walked back through the Botanic Gardens to get to the station. This is a much nicer route than walking on the roadside, past the massive building site around the station. In the dark, there were vague forms of couples embracing near the lake. Didn’t they know the risk they were taking? There in the dark, getting a kiss and a cuddle, they would be easy victims for the black swan that haunts the park, approaching from the night to break your arm.

No waterfowl assaulted me tonight, and I trundled safely home to bed. After all that, my shoulders now feel fine, and it’s just the rest of me that requires rest and repair.

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