Pizza the action

After almost a year and a half (since a dreadful bout of food poisoning from badly prepared pasta sauce that she then associated with a pizza), La Serpiente has begun eating pizza again. She asked for it today, and we were too tired to cook tonight, plus I had a migraine and pizza is the traditional pre-run food I rely on, so we got two margarita pizzas from Extra Virgin. The bases were nicely cooked, crunchy scorch marks and all, but the cheese topping was a little overdone. The girls, already full of salmon, didn’t care and carried on eating. As long as I got four slices, I was happy too. 

Afterwards, I entertained Destroyer by having her run between my legs. Unfortunately she’s now slightly too tall, so she sprints at me, forgets to duck her head and headbutts me in the crotch, which for her is a great fun way to spend the evening, but for me is not ideal race prep. I suppose one source of pain is the same as another. 

The kids went to sleep quickly again tonight. Destroyer didn’t nap today (for no good reason we can discern) and both of them had gone swimming today, so putting them down was very easy. That left me to worry about the migraines I’ve been having, and to blame them on my awful diet. Of late I’ve eaten so much sugar: cans of Coke, free ice cream in the office, and other garbage like salt and vinegar crisps. It sounds ridiculous to do things in this order, but from next week, once the marathon is done, I’m really going to have to sort out my diet. 

But not the pizza. I’m keeping that. 


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