Prelude to a run

I went to the track tonight for another 5k. On the way to the MRT station, I passed three men selling fruit and veg. They’d set up a trestle table near the station entrance, on which they’d spread out some mangoes, some apples and some greens. The three of them stood there, each puffing away on a cigarette.

It seems odd, that. Would many people think they needed to improve their diet with a bit of fruit, and decide the best person to purchase it from would be a guy who didn’t care about the state of his own lungs. They were hardly good advertisements for a balanced diet; each man was both flabby and grumpy. A fat man who is cheerful is at least jolly; a gloomy fat man is just obese. And anyway, smoking’s meant to keep the pounds off – had they eaten so much of their own mangoes that they were overweight, or had they decided more opportunistically to flog fruit and veg to passing commuters?

If they had, that just implied even worse judgment, because with today being a public holiday, there were a reduced number of customers for them.

I never got my run in last night: my wife returned too late for that, so instead I stayed up and watched the original Transformers movie, from 1985. This was one of the (very) few videos we owned when I was growing up, and I watched it over and over again as a Transformer-obsessed youngster. Although it employed acting talent like Orson Welles (his last role – perhaps the shame killed him) the quality of the animation was terribly crude, often looking like an eight year old had been passed the job. Failures of proportion, perspective and consistency of scale abound throughout. At least I could amuse my wife by reciting dialogue, remembered from my callow youth.

Tonight, then, is the start of another attempt to run consistently and to try to be consistently quicker. 5k tonight, then home to an early night, an easy run tomorrow and a proper hammer around MacRitchie on Saturday. With less than a month to the half marathon, I need to up my mileage and put in proper long runs at the weekend, rather than sporadic 10ks here and there. Tonight I also want to compensate for not having pushed myself enough on Sunday night; aiming for something closer to 1:40 laps of the track.

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