Progress report

I’ve been tracking my sleep since I got back to Singapore and located my Garmin watch. If it hadn’t been for that epically bad night’s sleep on Saturday night/Sunday morning then I’d probably be right on the money for my 7-hours-per-night resolution.

On the other hand, so far I’m 100% on walking the girls to school (two days out of two).

An impromptu work trip to Kuala Lumpur for the next three days means I can sustain that 100% record at least until the end of Thursday (if I’m not physically capable of walking the girls ro school because I’m sick or in a different country, neither denominator nor numerator get adjusted). Whether I’ll be able to keep up with my sleep resolution when I get to Kuala Lumpur is another matter, because when I’m bored in a hotel room on my own, I do stupid things like staying up until 2am hoping for some kind of redemption through Netflix.

Anyway, the children slept in until almost 8 this morning (jet lag is still hitting them hard, I suppose) which meant we adults had a great night’s sleep. You have to be grateful for what you get. My back is a bit sore today, but my arms aren’t, which suggests that the terrible ache in my forearms yesterday was all DOMS from lots of pull ups on Friday, and not from climbing. Which is nice. Unless it means there’s more pain in the mail and tomorrow I’m going to be a tragic figure.

Otherwise, where are we? I’ve managed to stick to just a single coffee so far every day, I’ve not been snacking at work between meals, and though I’ll miss my swimming lesson this Thursday, I have at least a couple of evenings to spend in the hotel pool.

Finally for this update, I’ve played five games of Blood Bowl since the New Year started (six if you counted the one that began on the 31st of December) with four losses and one win. I guess I need to be a bit more thoughtful about why I keep losing, and figure out ways to make that happen less. (It’s a little difficult, because almost every game is against a team with a quite different style of play, so I’m not sure how much of this dreadful performance is just me being bad, and how much is because I’m being surprised, but over time that will also correct itself…)

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