Quiet Tuesday

Today my wife and I conducted the principal photography for my next video, which involves the Christmas Moose, and the Spanish National Anthem. I then spent an hour or so trying to edit the footage we’d shot, before discovering that although Lightworks is a lot more powerful than the free movie editor Microsoft give away with Windows, unless you pay $40 you’ll have trouble importing the mp4 files my camera produces. There are two things I need high end (or higher end) software for: rotating footage, after I held my camera upside down on a few takes, and adding massive reverb to the soundtrack to disguise my singing voice. But I’m confident that by Monday I’ll have something.

Today I upgraded the WordPress software this blog runs on, to a newer and prettier version, and changed the theme of the blog to something a little darker. I now realize that some parts of the navigation are not so nice: there’s an almost infinite number of categories wending their way down the side of the page, which suggests I may need more focus in ny writing.

Or a theme that disguises that.

I also logged back into Facebook, lured by all those messages I was promised, but only to modify my notification settings so that if anyone sends me a message, it will end up being emailed to me. I’m not sure why I turned it off: probably because something terrible flashed up on my computer at work one day and I was terribly embarrassed. That would have been in the days when every email I got provoked another alert on my screen; I now run my mail client as quietly as possible, trying to avoid distractions by turning everything off, only checking email when I decide I need to, not when my computer tells me to.

I do have fifty task notifications blinking at me though.

Finally, today I fed Felicity the pit of a mango. Relative to her, this was enormous: equivalent to somebody handing you an entire 12" pizza and telling you to chow down. She managed quite well with it, although it was clearly a bit of a challenge, the sliminess of the mango flesh providing nowhere for her to grip securely. Every time she got it in her mouth she paused and stared at me, as if to question why I was giving her such inappropriate foods.

Like she knows. This evening, my wife gave her half a frozen blueberry, and that went straight on the floor.

That will be two weeks tomorrow since she started on the solids. High time for bacon sandwiches, I suspect.

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  1. It’s good to have a new look, just as long as it is simple to comment on. Felicity seems to be developing a taste for interesting foods, keep up the good work.

    • Surely you remember all those times at university that I’d say “Linear Algebra is all well and good, but what I really want to do is feed a six-month-old child the pit of a mango”?

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