Rainy Monday

Rainy season has returned to Singapore. Today I looked out the office window and the building where I live, four streets away, was invisible behind a wall of rain. It poured down, from just after midday until four in the afternoon, and if it wasn’t so cold in the office I’d have felt quite cosy looming out at the storm.

The skies were only grey though, whereas I remember black skies the first December I was working in Singapore, rainstorms where it looked like the end of the world was in process.

I had planned to go to Triple O’s and get a burger for lunch, but the threat of rain meant I went to Sun Moon instead, which sounds like some kind of granola-eating hippy commune, but is a reasonably priced fruit and veg shop that does unfeasibly cheap salad. The lettuce leaves are basically tasteless roughage, but all the toppings come for the same price, whether you want grated carrot or cheddar cheese or avocado. Or meat, but I still can’t get my head around the concept of a salad with meat in it. That’s basically a piece of meat with an oversized garnish, isn’t it?

I have salad dyslexia, or so I’m told, because I took the opportunity to order lettuce with avocado, feta, pineapple, and pomegranate seeds. That was a good range of colours, but perhaps nothing coherent. I’m hoping it’s good for me, although the saltiness of the feta combined with the sweetness of the pineapple is a quite exceptional combination.

I noticed a new feature on my phone: it seems to almost unerringly select the question mark when I want the exclamation mark, and vice versa. That could lead to some quite problematic messages, as the tone of "That’s a beautiful child!" is quite different from "That’s a beautiful child?" Maybe all my friends already think I’m just very sarcastic. Or they’ve stopped replying to me.

And so, to bed. La Serpiente, full of milk, refused to be put in her cot this evening and instead crawled across the bed and lay down on my chest before going to sleep. While this is endearing and keeps me warm, it’s rather uncomfortable now she’s 25 pounds. But I assume it’s making me into a better person. Along with sleeping on the sofa.

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