Recap of an exciting day

We had an exciting day today. This evening, my wife discovered ants crawling up our bedroom wall, and after some disgusted searching, found a nest of them inside an old sunglasses case. Who would have guessed that ants loved the cleaning cloths from old Oakleys so much? I guess everyone thinks the 90s were cool.

Prior to that, I had my 99th game of Blood Bowl on (which means I’ve now had over 100 games against human opponents, including the games on the Xbox and also the one game I had in real life in Australia the day after I turned 42). Perhaps fittingly, it was a draw. 

Before that, I had to put the kids to bed. La Serpiente howled and complained that she had to turn the bedside light off, because she always has to do this. I told her that in recognition of her service, tomorrow she wouldn’t have to turn it off, but she kept on howling, long after her sister somewhat irascible told her to be quiet. 

La Serpiente also complained about not having enough books to read, and being scared of the dark, and then went to sleep. Her sister fell asleep shortly after: another efficient bedtime for me. 

Earlier in the day, La Serpiente had giggled and run in circles around me, shouting that she was going to make me dizzy. I poked her in the ribs and told her to stop, and she fell over and looked askance at me. This was a bit of a surprise as she’s usually quite stable and doesn’t mind a bit of rough housing, but I realised as I’m still twice her height I shouldn’t be making her fall over, so I had to apologise profusely as we walked to work. 

And somebody has removed the dog statue from the entrance of the condo opposite our block of flats, which is putting a bit of a crimp in our daily doggie counting routine.

On the positive side, I’ve maintained my 100% waking the kids to school record, my not-drinking-too-much-coffee resolution is now almost 95% compliant, and we have survived the most depressing Monday of the year, apparently. Onwards and ever upwards…

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