Resolutions for 2016

I got home about five this morning, crawled into bed, and was woken a couple of hours later. All day my muscles have felt sore and devoid of energy, even following a revivifying nap after this morning’s visit to the cable car. What doesn’t help recovering from all the jet lag and the poor dietary decisions is that at eight o’clock La Serpiente started vomiting, a casualty of a bug going around her school.

As a result, my plans to write up my resolutions have been a bit disrupted, whether by my eyes rolling back in my head or my daughter emitting a piercing shriek every time she voids her stomach.

But in between these episodes, here’s this year’s resolutions:

Running: In 2016, I’ll run a marathon, and do at least one sub-20 minute parkrun per quarter. I’ll beat my times from 2015 in the Akira relay and the Master’s 1500m times. I’ll also get a decent night’s sleep and get stronger through the year.

Eating better: We’ll cut refined sugar out of our diets by the start of February, and then do a whole month sugar-free. I imagine this could be quite a struggle, given my love of cake, but if I can cope with two weeks of rage and sudden mood swings, I believe I’ll be healthier for it.

Writing: I’ll finish a first draft of my time travel novel. I’ll write once a week about books I’ve read to La Serpiente. I’ll increase the average number of people reading my blog over last year.

Reading: I’ll read all the books I got as Christmas presents.

Spanish: This year, I’ll learn past and future tenses, and at least a thousand words.

Dancing: At least three months of lessons.

Meditation: At least 20 minutes per week.

Routine for the kids: Every week in Singapore, we’ll take them swimming and to the library. Not at the same time, and not while anyone is vomiting.

Every month, reduce how much mess is in the spare room and on the shelves in our living room

Hopefully I’ll do better than the 0% I scored in 2015.

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