Resolutions for 2021 – slight return

When I look back at my resolutions for 2021, they look a lot like what I thought I’d resolve to do. In 2022…

I tracked resolution progress for a while, but the spreadsheet went off the rails eventually (which means I can’t talk about every resolution accurately…)

I did blog every night, but it wasn’t always the most meaningful of things.

Sleep? In bed by 11 every night? Nah…

Exercise? Finished better than I started. When I started the year, I didn’t realise I’d discover I was missing a vertebra. Or have my wisdom teeth out. Or strain some muscles. And I forgot I was going to go camping for a month. I don’t remember running until Thanksgiving, I managed to hit my pull-up goal in January and never again, and let’s not talk about swimming or losing weight. (This year may be easier, with Invisalign being the next-best-thing to having my jaw wired shut.)

I played the banjo a few times. I juggled a bit, but not much. I hardly flossed at all until I got my Invisalign fitted, since when it’s been three times a day.

I got a bit better at Blood Bowl – there was a slump at the end of the year but I finished with a 24% win rate and a 54% lose rate – a big improvement on 17% and 66%, and I won a tabletop tournament – seems like the computer is harder than real life.

We still have too many unread books. I bought even more miniatures and didn’t paint them all.

Was I good? Was I kind? Think it’s too early to tell.

So that’s what, 2 out of 10? Better start thinking about easier ones for this year…

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  1. James – I enjoy reading ALL of your blogs. A wonderful way of learning about your life the American way. Sometimes humdrum, but more often than not super exciting. Think back to that extended camping trip.

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