School run

The pollution index was still in the fairly disgusting and hazardous range this morning, so rather than kick our heels at the bus stop in a cloud of poison, I bundled La Serpiente into a taxi and set off for Tiong Bahru. Annoyingly, our driver didn’t seem to appreciate the subtle distinction between “turn left at the traffic lights” and “drive straight on and ignore your passenger until you’re half way down a one-way street”, taking us on a circuitous journey around the Tiong Bahru Estate that culminated nowhere in particular near the school. So we still ended up walking through the harsh air (although by then it was beginning to clear).

Through all this, La Serpiente was amused. Or amusing herself, by shouting “Tiong BahBOO”, or laughing at nothing in particular, or demanding we played peep-bo (or peekaboo as our American cousins would have it) in the back of the taxi. So her joy was a wonderful thing.

Not that I was very joyous. I went to bed about 9:30 last night, exhausted by it all, and at midnight she woke me up (“Daddy please come in my room”) and after I thought I got her down she was awake ten minutes later. Then I slept until 6:30, when she came in to curl up next to me and make me worry that I should have turned the air purifier back on.

I was expecting to feel wonderful from all this sleep, but perhaps giving up coffee was a bad move this week (as was failing to get any exercise because I have a broken toe and no time to ride my bike in the evening) so instead I’ve been zombified. Again, off to bed early tonight after a few chapters of my library book (The Marauders, a Louisiana-set thriller about the swamps and the shrimps and the after effects of the Gulf oil spills), with the hope that tomorrow I’m more alert.

Well, there’s always hope…

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