This morning I woke up, utterly exhausted, only to find it was 4:30 and I should go back to sleep again. When my alarm went off at 6 and I peeled myself off the sofa again, I was still quite knackered, but I managed to get up and faff around for only twenty minutes before leaving the house.

I had to rush to get to the parkrun in time and only just made it. Perhaps I could blame going slow on that. Or on it being extra hot today. Or being tired from Wednesday and Thursday. Or having to cycle through a cloud of insecticide (they were fogging against mosquitoes at a school as I rode past). But I think the real culprit was staying up until almost one a.m. this morning, a daft idea when I knew I was running today.

Still, I did a 20:37, which felt vaguely respectable for me, if nowhere close to breaking the twenty minute barrier. Afterwards, I had to trundle back to Chinatown, take a very brief shower, then hightail it across Singapore to get to the bird park.

There was a special offer ending today, where a year’s membership to the bird park cost the same as a single day’s ticket, and we couldn’t resist this bargain. La Serpiente Aquatica Negra was entranced by almost everything she saw today, whether it was the penguins, the statue of thr hornbills near the entrance, the effigy of a lion dancer, the coin operated fairground rides … Basically, you could have almost emptied the bird park and she would still have been fascinated.

We had to leave without seeing everything today, in a rush to sort out accommodation for this year, but we did see the Loris and also notice the cassowary was in absentia. Our rush home was delayed by there being no taxis available (strange, as it wasn’t raining or anything that might have made taxis harder to come by than usual) which meant lots of exhausting work chasing our daughter around the entrance way to the bird park while we waited.

And now, exhausted, we try to sleep through the first night of the Chinese New Year celebrations. I think this could be rather a long night.

4 thoughts on “Shattered

  1. A Loris is not a bird?
    Sometimes I think about how long a name La Serpiente… is for a nickname and think about how Chinese the nickname LSAN would sound.
    Also I can’t find that FB post where you nominated a Neko Case album – what’s the best Neko Case album? I love TWTG… especially the last few tracks.

    1. My wife chastised me for this. A Loris is not a bird, it’s a small mammal with poisonous elbows and big eyes. However, I thought Loris was also the plural for a small budgie-like bird. Photos to follow.

      Best Neko Case album … difficult. Having seen her live, I think that the songs from The Worse Things Get … are much better in concert than on the CD – the version of Ragtime in particular was wondrous, but when I heard it on the CD, I was quite unaffected.

      I think my favourite Neko Case album is Middle Cyclone (principally for This Tornado Loves You and People Got A Lotta Nerve) although I think the latter half of the album is a bit weaker. Then it’s Furnace Room Lullaby (but for Set Out Running / Guided By Wire / South Tacoma Way) and then Fox Confessor Brings The Flood (only Star Witness, which was the first song of hers I ever heard).

      So in summary, my perfect Neko Case album is:
      This Tornado Loves You
      Star Witness
      Set Out Running
      Guided by Wire
      South Tacoma Way (best listened to while maudlin and jetlagged, sat in a hotel in the middle of nowhere in Washington State)

      1. A bit like a Best of album then 🙂 I do like Ragtime on the album. I think cos I have a vague background in classical musical, I am very taken by the change in dynamics, the way it starts off as this laid back hum and opens up into a rich soaring thing. I can’t understand why there aren’t more dynamic changes in modern music. Middle Cyclone looks good but it looks a bit long, which I think might be the same as it’s got a weaker half. I think I’d like an album made up of the more lush swirling songs, like Ragtime, Night Still Comes, Local Girl, even Where did I Leave that Fire. I hope that’s what her next album is like 🙂 It’s taken me ages to get into The Worse Things Get… but now i’m a lot deeper into it than a lot of other albums. I’m usually more immediate than that with my music!

        1. There’s also all her work with The New Pornographers, but I’ve never explored that. Also you run the risk of occasional novelties (Honky Tonk Hiccups may be a spoof, or it may just be there to make my mind hurt)

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