Slightly spun around

This afternoon I took La Serpiente to her music class. After the past few weeks of her spending the class sprinting around the room and banging on the drums without really seeming to take any notice of the teacher (or of basic syncopated rhythms, or the rest of the world) we told her that if she didn’t behave, she wouldn’t get any babycinnoes or beignets after class. This made her limit her running around to just tight circles around me, rather than the entire room, but when I asked her if she had been a good girl or not in class she said “no” and that honesty, I felt, was enough to be rewarded by an ice cream, if not a doughnut.

There was a wonderful sunset this evening, accompanied by an electrical storm in the distance. I had taken La Serpiente up to the top floor of the apartment block to tire her out before bed, as we were going out this evening to drink wine and eat cheese. This worked (partly); exhausted, both kids went down to sleep fast and we stole out the door, but we got home after playing three rounds of Blokus and two confusing games of Werewolf to find both kids wife awake and screaming. At least tomorrow is a public holiday.

Werewolf is a very confusing game to play if you haven’t been drinking wine, and doubly so if you have. There is a lot of logic and game theory, which I suppose is appropriate for a game, but we mainly prefer little bits of plastic and simple rules to accompany our cheese. Or perhaps we hadn’t drunk enough.

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