Slipping between time zones

I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve been through Narita. Tonight, because of the delay leaving JFK, there was only an hour between arriving at the gate and when my onward flight to Singapore was scheduled to depart. I rushed through security and down to the gate, only to find the departure had been moved back because they hadn’t got a plane yet.

About a third of the passengers on the plane seemed to be lining up for the priority lane. I suppose the downside of it being easy to attain frequent flyer status on Delta is that lots of other people have it too, when you’d prefer to be such a rare person that you get singled out for special treatment.

However, most of them weren’t in the lounge. All those extra trips back and forth have elevated me to Gold, which means I get to eat complimentary potato crisps and drink never ending ginger ale, one floor up from everyone else.

I was super excited to realise I’d somehow misinterpreted the arrival time in Singapore. I thought I was arriving first thing Tuesday morning, which felt like a very long slog from a Saturday morning departure, but I put it down to the evil of time zones. But in fact I just arrive at the quite lamentable hour of 1am Monday, giving me back a whole day that I thought I’d lost.

I tried to Skype my wife with the good news. While I did so, a small boy in Spiderman pyjamas came over and started asking me questions about my bag, and whether I wanted to play with him or not. I wonder if now I’m a parent I’m more approachable to children, or if my enormous beard made him think he’d caught Santa Claus between seasons. I had crisps to eat and a plane to catch so I had to say goodbye to him and then go down to the gate, preparing myself for getting ready for another seven hours of sitting on a plane. Once again, everything in Asia is a bit too far apart. I had hoped while I was away they might have moved things closer together, but no such luck. Still, only a few hours until I can sleep in my own bed again.

Well, sleep on my own sofa again. Close enough…

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