Slowed down by truffles

Again today I started very slowly; perhaps it was staying up too late reading Where’d You Go, Bernadette, or perhaps,it was not having had any coffee since Friday. It took until 2pm before I left the house and got down to the PS Cafe on Ann Siang Hill for brunch, which was a late hour for lunch, let alone quasi-breakfast. (Since today was Hari Raya, it was a holiday and brunch was all day, but even so…)

I ordered pancakes. I don’t know why, because I’m always disappointed when I order pancakes in a restaurant. Perhaps I’m a glutton for disappointment. They were ok, but not brilliant, and I’ll say no more of them. One of my co-conspirators ordered truffle fries though, and delivered to the table was a mound of them, covered in salt and what we at first thought was cheese, but turned out to be more salt, bound together with truffle oil.

Now I like the taste of truffle, but truffle fries always seem to have far too much of that taste, as if the chef was desperate to pour every drop of truffle oil into the meal just for you. Between us we made a sizeable dent in the fries, but they defeated us.

They were also the kind of enemy that keeps attacking: I had foul, truffle-scented belches all afternoon.

To walk off the truffle fries, we went out to Lavender and walked around the Kallang Riverside Park, once site of Singapore’s gasometers, now a slightly scrubby park by the water. There isn’t much to see there, so we took a train back to Tiong Bahru in search of vegetables. We found no vegetables and ended up in a ludicrously expensive bar called Coq and Bull (ahahahaha) where I had a ginger beer before we walked back through the ridiculously hot and humid streets.

Thus when I got to the track tonight, I was hardly fresh and hydrated. I was still a bit of a wreck from Friday night, in all honesty. The session was only 5x1200m, with 7 minute repeats, which after the brutality of the Wednesday night sessions should have been nothing, but tired legs and a weak brain meant I failed to even finish the session, packing it in on the last 1200m with two laps to go.

I did two extra warm down laps as penance for my lack of willpower, then we all went to Mr Prata to bid one of the runners goodbye.

Except Mr Prata was shut for Hari Raya celebrations, so we went to the far-off hawker centre instead, and so I couldn’t find anything to eat and got home much too late to cook, to find as I reached my apartment block that some prat in a Maserati was trying to show he was a big man by revving his engine really loudly. What a guy.

I walked gingerly back to our flat, showered then collapsed on the sofa. Not a very consistent training session tonight. Next time I need to stay off the truffle fries.

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  1. If you want a book that’s not going to keep you up too late reading, Bernadette is not one of them.

    Potato products – they should be banned. A danger to society.

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