Smooth travels

Watching rain on planes, Narita
We lucked out on this trip. Arriving at the airport hotel, we got upgraded to a suite without even asking. The suite was huge: because the hotel is out at the airport, there’s vast amounts of space so whereas every hotel room in town is tiny or super expensive, our suite was the size of a good apartment. Bath, huge bed, two separate rooms so we could put La Serpiente Negra down to sleep and then have a civilized meal.

Perhaps they gave us a suite to keep our potentially noisy baby away from other guests. The airport hotel is enormous, partly filled with flight attendants, but we didn’t see anyone else apart from staff on our floor.

The only two oddities were the decor: in each bathroom there was a pen and ink sketch of a naked woman leaning over the edge of something, and there was a complete lack of cushions. Perhaps people using hotels at airports don’t require cushions when slumped on the sofa. Perhaps sensible people go straight to bed, rather than lying on the sofa like sleep deprived idiots.

This morning arrived far too early and we checked out and walked over to the terminal. Now that I’ve got Gold status on Delta, things are decidedly nicer: all three of us got access to the lounge, which really helps when it’s six a.m. and you still feel tender. We ate croissants and tried to arrange early check in at our hotel tomorrow/today, then proceeded to the gate, where we got to board early. This is handy when flying with a child, because Delta don’t seem to think babies deserve special treatment, so if you don’t have priority boarding, you line up with everyone else. Everyone else.

(I’m ok with that: at least you know where you stand.)

Our flight to Narita was uneventful, and apart from constantly feeding, La Serpiente Negra was no trouble. No shouting at us because she was up past her bedtime: early morning flights are clearly easier for babies than their parents.

Ok, they forgot that I’m a vegetarian, so Gold status may not count for that much, but at least I didn’t have to wait to not get food.

Now we just have to withstand 8 hours from Narita to Sea-Tac…

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