Sock puppets

I called my wife this evening to settle some administrivia around Christmas present delivery, and although the girls were playing in another room, I was pleased that they came scurrying and squeaking to see me. Destroyer was especially proud to show me the sock puppet she’d made.
So proud, in fact, that she forgot she wasn’t wearing it, so she just waved her hand at the camera, clenching and unclenching her fist with significant glee. After a while, she zoomed off again to demand the presence of her sister, who showed me a small piece of fluff, for which I lack the correct name. A tribble, perhaps?

I woke up at five this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep, which was highly aggravating. It put me into a bad mood for the whole day, exacerbated when I had somebody reschedule a meeting five times with me over the course of an hour. That wasn’t really anything to get bent out of shape about. The granola snacks in thr cafeteria being peanut butter flavour was clearly a much viler depradation to have to tolerate.

Anyway, I survived the day, did some vaguely productive things, then came home. I made a start on painting my second Blood Bowl team with a few coats of green paint (in homage to the Philadelphia Eagles). Hopefully I sleep properly tonight. Busy weekend coming up…

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