Strangely brutal

Tonight was a strangely brutal track session. I’d slept well last night, I’d eaten sensibly all day, I should have been fully recovered from Saturday’s race, but I got to the track feeling tired before I’d even started. Leaden legs are a clear indicator of overtraining, but today’s exertions had been limited to sitting at a desk and drinking water. Ah well.

Tonight was 6x1200m, with 7 minutes to complete each segment and then recover. As usual, I was all over the place. My first lap was much faster than I intended, and although I held things together for the first half of the session, by the end I was in poor shape again. On the fourth repeat I didn’t even manage a full 1200m, pulling up at 1000m because I couldn’t face going on. (And on the last repeat, I was going to jack it in at 800m but I didn’t want to have another gap in my all-important graphs. Ah, the lure of data.)

I still felt like I was going to black out afterwards, if I hadn’t had my medicinal ginger beer. So I must have been putting some effort in.






So every time I put in a slower second lap than the first one, and then sped up again for the last lap. Probably pushing myself to get an end to the pain. The first two 1200m repeats were at 1:36 lap pace (4 minute kilometres) or better and the third was teetering around that, so I suppose things weren’t _so_ bad, although I really need to calculate some standard deviations and figure out if I’m really getting more consistent over time or not.

Which in turn makes me think I need a better graph…

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