Strava and trying too hard

For some damnfool reason, I’ve signed up for a challenge on Strava where you win a badge on your profile (so slightly lamer than a new Pokemon) by running a marathon’s worth of miles in 4 days. Since I was mostly running 5ks (and only sporadically) lately, stepping up to an average of more than 10k every day is a bit …challenging.

Yesterday I did the parkrun, pushing La Serpiente, and another 4k in the evening, already feeling exhausted. This morning, after the children were mercifully well-behaved, I went out for an hour and a half. I was planning to run o er Mount Faber, up Kent Ridge and back again, but I couldn’t face those climbs, so after Mount Faber I ran down to Labrador Park and stayed on the flat all the way home.

On the way out, a man called to me that it was raining. There wasn’t much to say to that: my headphones are waterproof (apparently) and my phone was in a Ziploc bags to keep it dry, and they won’t cancel the race if it’s a bit wet, so it’s silly not to train in the wet. The rain made things quite miserable on the near side of Mount Faber, but Singapore’s microclimates meant that it was clear and dry after I crested the summit. I just had weak knees and quads and wanted to stop and take a bus almost all the way home.

I got home stinking, and realising I’d drink about a cup of water in all this time. Breakfast was lamentably small then we went out for coffee and cake, then didn’t get much rest (apart from an hour’s nap) until the kids went down at 8:30 this evening. After which I did another easy 4k, and spent the rest of the evening trying to get my compression tights on. Only 13.195 km to do in the next two days…

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