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  • Boulder Movement Carnival

    After work today, I went to Boulder Movement for their carnival. This was a Friday night extravaganza of climbing, and funfair sideshow games. That was an interesting combination: working on your upper body strength and then trying to win at a hook-a-duck stall. I learned several things. 1 I’m really crap at throwing balls. There […]

  • Deep State

    Deep State is the second Dagmar Shaw novel. It’s a sequel to This Is Not A Game, a feverish near-future novel by Walter Jon Williams that had a convincing, frantic first third through Jakarta. Deep State is set in Turkey, and perhaps because I’ve never been there, but I have been to Indonesia several times, […]

  • Zero Latency

    For a team building activity, this afternoon we went to Zero Latency, a VR play area in the mall adjacent to our offices. There we were decked out in backpacks containing computers, and put on goggles and headphones, before going for a walk inside a darkened room.

  • Space Hulk again

    I got the Space Hulk box down from the top of our wardrobe and got my wife to play another game of it with me. Space Hulk is a version of Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40,000 game, but designed to be played fast: rather than spending hours setting up regiments of soldiers, you should be able […]

  • Things I learned this week

    This pelican is something every parent should have. My wife ordered this large bird-shaped jug from an American website a few weeks ago, and I thought she had lost her mind in buying effigies of cute animals. But it turns out to be really great. In the past, we’ve used an old plastic jam jar […]

  • Games Night

    This evening, we had friends round to play board games. Unfortunately, we’d been to a party in the afternoon and La Serpiente had gone loopy after eating a couple of blue M&Ms. (We put this down to a reaction to sugar, or colourings, or something, and if she ate sweets more often, maybe she’d be […]

  • Not The King Of Tokyo (or London)

    Woke up this morning feeling dire. It’s either the single pint of Guinness that did for me (although this is England, I don’t get hangovers here unless I go on a proper bender), or my medication, or not sleeping enough. Whatever, I took the 8:10 train up to London and then tried to walk to […]

  • Behind bars

    I finished assembly of the cot today, putting the second side up to ensure Felicity stayed in place. It was necessary; now she can crawl, she’s close to be capable of clambering from cot to bed to dashing her brains out on the cold, hard floor, so up went the bars. Initially, she seemed quite […]

  • A little bit of this, a little bit of that

    Today we played Arkham Horror for the first time since we became parents. Possibly dealing with the squamous messes in a baby’s nappies makes you less keen on encountering eldritch (and slimy) horrors in fiction. Our child, perhaps feeling left out (particularly after my wife wouldn’t let me name her Ftagn) was silent until I […]