Not The King Of Tokyo (or London)

Woke up this morning feeling dire. It’s either the single pint of Guinness that did for me (although this is England, I don’t get hangovers here unless I go on a proper bender), or my medication, or not sleeping enough. Whatever, I took the 8:10 train up to London and then tried to walk to work, because I had grown tired of the five minute wait for the Underground train.

I got lost.

This week I’ve been working out of the London office, which is about half way between Oxford Circus and Tottenham Court Road. I’ve walked through Soho countless times; I worked for years around Oxford Street, and also over by Buckingham Palace. And I wasted a good year of my life playing Metropolis Street Racer, which taught me that you could drive at 150 mph from Green Park to Victoria, rather than waste time on the Tube. So I should have known what I was doing.

Perhaps it was a lack of coffee, or maybe while I’ve been away they’ve moved Buckingham Palace through 90 degrees, but I was still walking to work half an hour after I disembarked at Victoria. So much for not wanting to wait five minutes for the Tube.

On the positive side of things, I walked too far east through Soho, which meant I landed in Wardour Street and rediscovered Mr Jerk, provider of Caribbean food to all right-thinking people. On the negative side, I went back there at lunchtime only to find they had no vegetable patties. This makes me sad, because for about 6 years I’ve been dreaming of a bright yellow pastie stuffed full of veg. My wife has done her best, but there’s something about the ludicrous food colouring of the Wardour Street version that really brooks no comparison. Oh well.

I was only about 10 minutes late to work, but that was still rather aggravating for me. Tomorrow is my last day in London, so I’m going to try to be on time again.

At lunchtime, my disappointment was tempered by playing King of Tokyo, a quite ridiculous game where you play as one of six enormous cartoon monsters, and roll dice to see who lays waste to Tokyo (and to your fellow monsters). While it’s most certainly not a cooperative game like Arkham Horror (a.k.a. We’re All Going To Die) it was still fun and I didn’t pull a massive sulk when my monster (Kraken, in honour of all things squamous and rugose) was the first to be killed. It’s fairly simple, with some cruel reversals depending on the luck of dice and what cards are drawn from a deck, and (apart from our fluke of a game that had an unexpected and ludicrous two-player end-game) pretty fast. And there’s bright colours. What more to want?

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