Behind bars

I finished assembly of the cot today, putting the second side up to ensure Felicity stayed in place. It was necessary; now she can crawl, she’s close to be capable of clambering from cot to bed to dashing her brains out on the cold, hard floor, so up went the bars. Initially, she seemed quite copacetic about this enclosure, but problems came when we tried to put her to bed.

Well, problems began when she didn’t sleep at all today. She slept through the Chinese New Year celebrations, which I thought were remarkably restrained; music was quiet, there was no midnight rendition of Gangnam Style,vthe fireworks weren’t even that loud. But, so overjoyed with today, whether it was eating avocado or being able to crawl or just for the hell of it, she wouldn’t take a nap.

Eventually, you get tearful, exhausted child. On the one hand it’s hilarious to see her eyes flutter closed as she tries to fight the fatigue. On the other, it’s an assault on your eardrums as she finds she’s too tired to sleep, and starts howling instead.

I almost got her down, by bouncing her and reciting 1-100 in Spanish (that old mainstay), but when it came to lowering her over the side of the cot and down to rest, her internal gyroscopes got wind of what was going on, and she was instantly wide awake and unhappy. She’s the kind of girl who likes being vertical and hates horizontality. While she’s now much happier as she can sit unaided (and right herself) this is no fun when it comes to bedtime.

We bathed her, filled her with milk, and put her down, and thankfully by 7:30 sleep caught up with her and we could finally play a board game, for the first time this year. We played Arkham Horro, a fiendishly complicated game, and both lost, eaten by a ravening beast from beyond time and space who looks like a fat bloke dressed in purple paint and an elephant mask. Oh well, we’re clearly spending our leisure time wisely.

Today has been quiet, suspiciously so. I suppose it’s because every shop is shut, but I almost miss the noise of traffic (and the lunacy of the music in the square). Still, I’m sure there will be something else conducted at high volume very soon…

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  1. I think it’s wonderful you have finished building the cot. All that remains is for Felicity to appreciate your efforts by falling asleep.

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