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  • A low point

    This afternoon I went to the doctor, for my various ailments: high cholesterol, a dodgy looking toenail, my busted hand (which appears to be tendonitis and thankfully not a fracture), my busted knee (which appears to possibly be a damaged meniscus and not just swelling (not so good)), and my snotty nose (for which I’ve […]

  • A deserved journey to hell: Port Of Lost Souls

    As they say, karma is a bitch. Or rather, if you make your children weep with sadness, you’re going to have to go to a water park.

  • You don’t know what you miss until it’s gone: Henderson Waves and plantar fascitis

    It wasn’t until I was watching the safety video on the Singapore Airlines flight to Malaysia that it really hit me how much I miss being able to run. I suppose if you’re going to put trigger warnings on in-flight safety videos, it’s unlikely you’ll realise a shot of the bridge at Henderson Waves is […]

  • George V. Higgins – The Life And Writings

    I don’t think I’ve read any cheerful biographies this year, tthoughat least this one didn’t make me weep. On my way to Bangkok today, I finished reading the biography of George V. Higgins, the "Balzac of Boston"; a man who died early, after a frustrating life filled with self-sabotage. Rather, I thought, like B.S. Johnson, […]

  • Two Hours

    Two Hours, a book about marathons, was something I only found out about via a circuitous chain of hyperlinks. DC Rainmaker’s blog linked to a Tracksmith-sponsored piece of photojournalism, where they took pictures of the 3rd and 4th place athletes at the US Olympic trials. (Third place goes to the Olympics, fourth place goes home.) […]

  • I don’t like Roppongi

    I don’t have the most awe-inspiring view from the window of my hotel room (unless you like seeing traffic rushing past on the freeway, or Roppongi Hills rising malevolently in the distance). Roppongi is a strange, depressing place.

  • Leaving again

    Tonight I’m flying to London – I’ll be away from home for just under four days. I felt blue all day. Some of that was related to not getting much sleep (I was up at five getting ready to go for a run ay 6:30), some of it was due to the weather (which veered […]